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impeller head

  • TED G Type Turbine

    Contact NowTED G Type TurbineThe proven TD G-turbines, equipped with components made from carbide steel, are characterized by their extremely long service life of up to 30,000 operating hours resulting in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduced time requirements for maintenance. Moreover, they offer...Chat Now

  • Curve-blade Turbine

    Contact NowCurve-blade TurbineCurve-blade blast wheel is designed for the development of heavy-duty shot blasting machine, large castings and forgings tend to increase the size of the ordinary shot blasting machine does not have the large jetting of long-range jet cleaning capacity, the surface of the blade design using the...Chat Now

  • Direct-blade Turbine

    Contact NowDirect-blade TurbineThe abrasive impeller head is the most important part of the shot blasting machine, where it is rotate by the motor. Abrasive particles are projected by centrifugal force from various kinds of turbine wheels. The number of wheels installed in the machine depends on the type of jobs to be shot...Chat Now