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H Tpye Steel Shot Blasting Machine

H tpye steel shot blasting machine is generally used in the steel industry, engineering machinery, port machinery, mining machinery, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, traffic vehicles, ship bridges and construction profiles and other industries, shot blasting treatment is the workpiece...
Product Details:

H type steel shot blasting machine with unique design is special used to clean the complex surface of weldment of H-beam structure.For example, the structure of the roof and bottom plate, welding steel plate and support plate, and weld seam cleaning and descaling.  

All outer surface and inner surface is obtained cleaning by two blasting area.

The first shot blasting area are made of impeller heads which are equidistant fixed above and below of the blasting equipment body and on the wall of the cleaning chamber.

The second shot blasting area is the impeller heads arrangement and moving direction of the workpiece with a certain angle.

The two shot blasting areas can completely clean each surface of the vertically placed structural parts, forming a seamless blasting cover and greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

Structural shot blasting has the following advantages:

● Improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal profiles

● Improve the anti-fatigue properties of steel to extend its service life

● Optimize the surface of steel surface technology

● Greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning up

● Reduce the labor intensity of clean-up work

● Reduce environmental pollution

● 10mm thickness SPMn13protective liner, lifetime is about 15000 hours 

● PLC control system, can achieve automatic operation.


1.Conveying system:  total length around 28m, production line has highly synchronization requirements on the conveying system, each roller chooses frequency conversion motor drive. The   loading capacity of  this system is 1.0T/Meter.
2.inlet and outlet rollers are welded by high quality carbon steel seamless steel tube and Conditioning  shaft head, the appearance and the installation size is processed after the welding, which can ensure the loading capacity 1.0 T/meter, and also guarantee the alignment
3.This production line of Blast wheel is worked by computer simulation and optimization. Top-bottom faces are totally covered with 8 set blast wheel.
4.The proper angle between blast wheel and the work-pieces produces the best blasting effect and also prevents the shots to be accumulated on the surfaces of the round bar which can affect the cleaning.

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