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  • FD Serise Bag Dust-collector
    Nov 24, 2017


    There are two main purposes: one is to remove the dust in the air, improve the environment, reduce pollution, so it is sometimes also called the purpose of dust collecting equipment dust removal equipment, such as factory emissions using dust collecting device;Another purpose is to filter the collection of powdered products, such as cement systems, by collecting dust equipment.


    1. lock the wind dust collector blanking device make sure lock the wind under the effective and smooth, lock the wind is invalid due to negative pressure in the grey cast serious loss, cause dust collecting effect is poor, the cutting is not smooth, easy to cause plugging material, serious dust will be full of dust collector, dust collecting failure caused by

    2. dust collector pulse valve inspection, ensure that action is flexible and effective, if there is any leakage should be replaced inside the diaphragm and corresponding parts (such as: valve core, a spring, orifice), if the pulse valve failure caused by injection effect is poor, cannot remove dust filter bag surface, reduce dust collecting ability
    3. The lifting cylinder of the dust collector shall ensure that the lifting cylinder movement is smoothly in place, ensuring that the cylinder gland is firmly fixed and not loose, otherwise it will cause the pressure to be tight and cannot be lifted.If the pressure is not tight, it will cause the spray to be blown out and the corresponding air chamber cannot be collected
    4. The inspection of the two 5-pass commutation valve of electromagnetism shall ensure smooth operation, no leakage and no dust in the interior, otherwise it will cause the failure of the cylinder
    5. Check the gas source triplets, ensure that the water content is less than 1/3 of the capacity of the water filter, and ensure that the output pressure of the pressure-reducing valve is within the normal working range of the dust collector to ensure that there is oil inside the oil mist.Excessive amount of water can cause gas moisture, easily damage solenoid valve and cylinder;When the output pressure is large, the cylinder life can be reduced, and the output pressure is low, which can make the cylinder movement not in place.Oil mist can damage solenoid valve and cylinder without oil.
    6. Dust bag and dust collecting skeleton. After the general use of the dust bag, the dust bag is easy to be damaged or aged, and the air permeability is reduced, resulting in high dust emission or small dust collection.When the skeleton is long, it may break, open welding, and puncture the cloth bag.The treatment is to replace the dust bag, the skeleton.
    7. Dust collection pipe wear, leakage of wind, leakage of the shell, the dust inlet of the pipe leakage is small, and the gas dust concentration is high when leaking in the shell;The treatment method is to weld the worn out air.