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  • Grinding method
    Oct 30, 2017

    1, shot blasting machine, centrifugal grinding method: when the common rotary grinding machine high speed rotating around its material (mixture) could round grinding groove, the workpiece and the grinding stone no relative movement, so no relative movement is poor, grinding effect will be greatly reduced.And centrifugal grinding method in the turret of the disk rotating shaft mount several grinding groove, fine distance on planetary rotation, centrifugal force, the material will be around for centrifugal effects on the rotating cylindrical side of the tank wall, rotary outside dish round rotating grinding time, grinding groove to reverse time, material to grinding groove space and the upper part of the rotary direction of contact.Material due to the pressure of centrifugal force and forced flow speed, the material of the free flow of grinding stones and artifacts, due to the flow of relative movement is poor, but because of the difference of relative motion, thus grinding effect.The rotation speed is at 140~ 180r/min, and the relative motion of the proportional rotation and the centrifugal force will increase.Its abrasive action is more than 60 times that of rotary grinding machine, it is 5~8 times that of vibration grinding machine.The grinding ability of centrifugal grinder is very good and shows great grinding force.More applications are applied to the lighting of precision machinery, such as clocks, electronics, electrical components, etc., especially suitable for grinding of small workpieces.

    2, shot blasting machine, the water snails were streaming grinding method, the water snails were streaming grinding method is installed in vertical or horizontal cylinder on the surface of the grinding groove into the grinding stone, water, abrasives, as grinding groove turning, grinding stone will due to centrifugal force to form a fine grinding layer with rigid.When the workpiece is mounted in the grinding layer, it produces a high efficiency grinding effect which is formed by the relative motion of the grinding stone.

    3, shot blasting machine, rotary grinding method: rotary grinding method is packed in slot on grinding workpiece, the grinding stone, abrasives, water is to the rotary motion, make the material surface flow layer, finishing machining method.This kind of grinding method is suitable for small and medium parts and small batch pieces

    4 vibration grinding, shot blasting machine, vibration grinding method is packed in slot on grinding workpiece, the grinding stone, abrasives, water for vibration, using due to vibration grinding stone and the relative motion between the workpiece is poor, for grinding machining method.The net space produced by rotary grinding machine is eliminated, and the solvent in the grinding groove is 100%.The grinding method is 3~5 times more effective than rotary grinding machine, and the machined workpiece has no marks, deformation and so on.An abrasive method widely used.