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  • How to choose caterpillar band of shot blasting machine
    Oct 12, 2017

         Caterpillar band is a very professional special rubber belt, rubber belt requirements of various technical indicators are different from ordinary rubber content as high as 60% above, so don't be ordinary rubber belt factory of quality control in the society the good and bad are intermingled of ordinary consumers need to learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the crawler,our company of shot blasting machine is below the actor bad of character of rubber tracks do some simple analysis:

         Lookfeeland look the colloid.

         Caterpillar band consists of three parts, the outside is covered in glue directly contact with is cleared of artifacts, accept steel shot struck so wear, under a lot of damage and impact, the life of the rubber covered almost is the life of the caterpillar glue is also exposed to the outside of the rubber, can see and touch the good quality rubber elastic, rubber mold made, in order to make the gas discharge within the cavity mould have exhaust pores will vent line, in the rubber hand pull vent line flexibility foot rubber is feeling good.As for the surface of the crawler, the stain on the surface will not affect the quality.