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  • Introduction of Cartridge Type Dust-Collector (1)
    Nov 15, 2017

        The dust collector is made up of filter cartridge as the filter element or the dust collector which is blown by pulse.The dust collector can be divided into slant plug, side loading, hoisting type and top style.This machine according to the material, can be divided into long fiber polyester fiber cartridge dust collector, composite fiber filter cartridge filter, antistatic filter cartridge dust collector, flame retardant, cartridge filter effect of cartridge filter, nanometer filter cartridge dust collector, etc.

        Brief introduction:

        Dust collector has been in Japan and Europe and the United States in the early 1970 s, some countries have the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, saving investment, easy maintenance, etc, but because of its capacity of equipment, difficult combined into large air equipment, filtration velocity on the low side, narrow application range, only in the industry applications such as food, welding, so not a lot of promotion for many years.In recent years, with the development of new technology, new material unceasingly, in Japan, the us company as a representative of the structure of filter and filter material is improved, and make the dust collector is widely used in cement, steel, electricity, food, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industrial areas, the overall capacity increases several times, become the filter area > 2000 m2 large dust catcher (GB6719-86), is to solve the traditional filter ultrafine dust collection, filter, filter bag wind speed is high, the effect is easy to wear broken, high operation cost of the best solution, compared with the existing on the market all kinds of bag, electrostatic precipitator with large effective filtering area, low differential pressure, low emission, small volume, long service life, etc, become the new direction of the development of the industrial dust collector.


        It is composed of inlet duct, exhaust duct, box body, dust hopper, soot device, guide flow device, flow distribution distribution board, filter tube and electric control device, similar to air box pulse bag dust removal structure.

        The layout of the filter tube in the dust collector is very important, it can be arranged vertically on the box and the flower board, it can also be inclined to arrange on the flower board, from the effect of the qinggray effect, the vertical arrangement is more reasonable.The lower part is the filter chamber and the upper part is the air box pulse chamber.Airflow distribution board is installed at the entrance of the dust collector.

        Working principle:

        After the dust containing gas enters the dust hopper of the dust collector, due to the sudden expansion of the airflow section and the effect of the airflow distribution board, some of the coarse particles in the airflow fall into the dust bowl under the action of the dynamic and inertial forces;Fine granularity and density of small dust particles into the dust filtering chamber, spread by brown and sieve filter combined effect, make the dust deposition on the surface of the filter material, after purification, the air chamber by the exhaust gas into the net by the fan discharge.
    The resistance of the cartridge filter increases with the increase of dust layer thickness of the filter material.When the resistance reaches a certain value, it is cleared.At this time of PLC program control pulse valve opening and closing, lift valve closed, first one room will be truncated filtering flow, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve open, compressed air and a short time the case on the rapid expansion, the influx of cartridge, cartridge expansion deformation produces vibration, and under the action of reverse flow scouring, attached to the filter bag dust on the surface of the appearance, stripped fell into the hopper.After the clearance is completed, the electromagnetic pulse valve is closed, the lift valve opens, and the chamber is filtered again.The clean ash chamber is carried out successively, starting from the first chamber ash to the next clear grey period.The lost dust falls into the ash bucket and is discharged through the unloading valve.
    Must regularly in the process of the drum filter for replacement and cleaning, to ensure that the filtering effect and precision, because in the process of filtering dust in addition to being cut off and will deposit on the surface of the filter material, increasing the resistance, so generally correct replacement time is three to five months