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  • Maintenance of lifting hook blasting machine
    Oct 09, 2017

     1. Carefully check the handover records between employees before work.Check if any sundries fall into the machine and should be eliminated in time to prevent the failure of equipment.
    2. Before operation, each shift shall be inspected for the wear of protective boards, blades, impeller, rubber curtain, orientation sleeve, roll and other vulnerable parts, and replace them in time.Check the coordination of various electrical moving parts, and tighten the bolt connections.
    Check the filling point of the shot blasting machine to check whether the oil filling is in accordance with the regulations.Seals must be checked daily if damaged and should be replaced immediately.
    3. Operators should check the cleaning effect at any time. If there are any abnormal samples, please stop immediately and check the equipment as a whole.Before starting up, check the control cabinet (panel) whether the various switches are in the required setting position (including the power switch).
    Then the machine can be turned on, so as not to damage the electrical and mechanical equipment by mistake.
    4. Regularly check the quality of steel cleaning, adjust the projectile Angle and roller conveying speed when necessary, and operate according to the operation rules correctly.