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    Nov 28, 2017

    Clay Sand Line is the equipment that makes the components in the sand mix evenly and the binder effectively coated the sand surface.Sand mixing machine is the main equipment of casting sand processing .
    The mixing machine utilizes the relative motion of the roller and the roller, which will be placed in the material of the two to crush the material, and the mixer will mix the material while crushing the material.It is an ideal equipment for making brick raw materials for brick, brick, cement brick, firebrick, crushing and mixing fly ash, boiler slag, tail slag and industrial waste slag.
    As the key equipment in casting process, sand mixing machine is the key factor to control the quality and cost of molding sand.

    The ground plate of the mixer and the outer ring of the roller are combined with the anti-wear plate to improve the effect of crushing, grinding material and the service life of the whole machine.
    The grinding wheel can be automatically adjusted at the height of the roller. When it meets the hard crushing material and the thick material layer, the roller will be automatically hoisted to protect the safety.
    Application: mixing core sand of foundry workshop can be used for mixing glass, ceramics, chemical industry, building materials, type and other industry particles or powdery materials.

    Operating instruction:

    1. Before entering the workshop, you must wear protective equipment such as labor protection shoes, hard hats, masks and gloves, or you will not be allowed to enter the workshop.
    2. Operators of mixer should be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment used.
    3. New sand for sand mixing machine needs to be filtered and dried;The old sand should be treated with sand before it can be used.
    4. When adding resin and curing agent, you must wear gloves and glasses and carefully handle them so as to avoid splashing them.The requirements are accurate.
    5. Before moving the mixer, check the two sides of the guide rail, whether there are obstacles, and during driving, pay attention to passing pedestrians.
    6. When working, the person shall be responsible for the operation of other personnel and avoid illegal operation.
    7. During the maintenance of the sand mixer, there shall be a special person's guardianship.

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