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  • Shot blasting machine brief introduction and applied range
    Sep 28, 2017
    1. Brief introduction

      The shot blasting machine is a kind of treatment technology that throws the steel shot blasting into the surface of the material.It is faster and more effective than other surface treatments and can be partially retained or stamped.
      The shot blasting machine can also be used to remove burrs, diaphragm and rust, which may affect the integrity, appearance, or definition of the object.The shot blasting machine can also remove the surface contaminants on a partially coated surface and provide a surface profile that increases the adhesion of the coating to enhance the purpose of the workpiece.
      It is different from the shot blasting machine, which is used to reduce the fatigue life of the parts and increase the different surface stress, increasing the strength of the parts, or preventing the micro movement.

    2. Applied range

      surface cleaning:

      The blasting equipment is firstly applied to the cleaning of surface clay and oxide skin of cast steel and cast iron parts.
      Almost all cast steel parts, grey castings, malleable pieces, and iron parts are to be shot.This is not only to remove skin and adhering sand casting surface oxidation, but also indispensable to prepare before casting quality inspection process, such as large steam turbine casing in nondestructive flaw detection must be carried out strictly before shot blasting, to ensure the reliability of testing results.In general casting production, shot blasting is an indispensable technological means to find defects such as subcutaneous pores, slag holes, and sticky sand, cold isolation and peeling.Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, such as surface cleaning, in addition to remove oxide skin, found that the surface of the casting defects, more important is thrown shot peening to clear the purpose of the die casting of burr and decoration significance of surface quality, obtain comprehensive effects.In metallurgical steel production, shot blasting or pickling is one of the process methods to ensure high productivity in steel production and adopt mechanical or chemical combined removal of phosphorus.Silicon steel sheet, stainless steel and other alloy steel plate, with the production, in the process of cold rolling process should be carried out again after annealing shot or pickling process, to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of cold rolled steel sheet.

      artifacts to strengthen:

      According to the modern metal strength theory, the increase of the internal dislocation density of metal is the main direction to improve the metal strength.It is proved that shot blasting is an effective method to increase metal dislocation structure.This is of great importance to some metals which cannot be strengthened by phase hardening (such as martensitic hardening, etc.) or by the workpiece that is required to be further strengthened.Aviation, aerospace industry, automobile, tractor and other components requires an, but reliability demand is higher and higher, its important technical measures is to use cast shot peening process raise the strength and fatigue strength of components.