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  • Use of shot blasting machine
    Oct 30, 2017

        The blasting machine can be used to remove the clay sand and the oxide coating, such as casting and forging.The main method is to use the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the ball sand into the surface of the high speed bump to meet the surface treatment requirements, and the blasting speed is generally 50 ~ l00nds.
        With the introduction of the new specification of international ballast tank coating, the requirement and standard of ship plate coating are clearly included.The coating corrosion resistance and service life of ship plate have higher requirements to ensure the safety of hull structure.
    New production of ship form a complete set of coating and coating construction quality control has a more strict and clear guidelines, so the shot blasting machine in the treatment of the steel intensity of Shanghai to solve some technical problem, this goes to blasting speed, quality and other technical details, need engineers involved in a more reasonable structure of shot blasting machine, in order to meet the development needs, in the construction of the continuous reform of shot blasting machine engineer, achieve the maximum effective use of shot blasting machine is suitable for various industry.
        Among them, the roller - type shot blasting machine plays a big role in ship, high-speed railway construction and chemical machinery.The speed of operation is stepless frequency conversion speed adjustment, with a load of 1000Kg per meter.
        Note: the total length of the roller is 37.5 meters and the roller distance between 800 and 1000 mm.

        Roller drive using the flexible Angle transmission, on the planet needed speed reducer drive, drive roller is cleared artifacts, driven by sprocket through a drag chain, continuously moving along the orbit.
    The roller is made of special high strength phi 152mm seamless steel tube, with maximum load of 1000KG/M.The conveying roller consists of the input roller, the pellet table and the output roller.
        The input and output roller rollers are welded with high quality carbon steel seamless steel tube and adjusting shaft head.The shape and the installation dimension of welding processing, that is to ensure load load 1T/m, also guaranteed the coaxial degree.
        The high chromium molybdenum steel sheath is used in the chamber of the table to be processed and processed, which effectively lengthens the service life and reduces the maintenance rate.The end bearing adopts labyrinth protection, which eliminates the intrusion of dust and broken projectile and improves the service life of the bearing.