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  • Characteristics Of Sandblasting Machine
    May 10, 2017

    1, simple operation: Ordinary workers after half an hour of training can be skilled operation of the machine, and has advanced automatic control system can prevent workers from misoperation.

    2, high production efficiency: a frozen sandblasting machine average daily processing amount of the equivalent of 50-80 skilled workers of sand blasting workload.

    3, sandblasting High precision: Can remove very small and concealed flying edges, not by product shape limit, high rate of passing and quality of sand blasting.

    4, can remove the structure of complex, any shape of small rubber alloy products, brittle plastic products and magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy castings to fly.

    5, do not damage the surface of products, improve the appearance of products quality, increase the service life of products.