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  • Maintenance And Maintenance Of Hook-type Blasting Machine
    May 10, 2017

    (1) The fixed bolt is loose on the blast machine and the blast-throwing device motor.

    (2) Wear-resistant parts in the shot blasting device: Check the blade, split pill wheel, directional sleeve wear situation, when the blade thickness evenly wear 2/3, the width of the average wear of the window 1/2, the directional sleeve window wear width exceeds 10mm, should be replaced.

    (3) The overhaul doors are closed. 

    (4) The dust removal pipe has no leakage phenomenon, the filter bag has no dust or broken.

    (5) In the separator filter on the screen there is no product, debris, if there should be promptly cleared, when the screen to find wear should be replaced promptly.

    (6) The wear of the ball-throwing indoor guard plate: Check to clean up the wear condition of the indoor guard plate, if the wear-resisting rubber plate is found to be worn or cracked, should be replaced promptly.