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  • Qingdao Ted Machinery CO.,Ltd.
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  • China FD seriseDust removal equipment manufacturers

    • FD Serise Bag Dust-collector

      Contact NowFD Serise Bag Dust-collectorFD serise Dust-collector is a new type of bag filter, the filter designed to surface filtration, filter media level of the structure; this construction method makes a large filter space only a small height, the surface filter another benefit It is a variety of cleaning functions, according to...

    • Cartridge Type Dust-collector

      Contact NowCartridge Type Dust-collectorCartridge type dust-collector is mainly used for the collection of suspended dust and particulates, both for air pollution control and, as part of the production process, to ensure efficient and continuous on-line dust collection. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, large air...