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Overhead Rail Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

Overhead Rail Machine of specially designed shot blasting equipment is specially designed for the complex surface shot blasting of steel welded parts. For example, the roof and floor of the structural parts, the welding plate and the support plate, and the rust and descaling of the weld.
Product Details:

Hook type rail shot blasting machine used for workpiece feeding in bulk.The workpiece processed   can’t be reversed because of it sensitivity, also including extremely complex, high weight and large workpiece. The workpiece is fixed on a hook and then transferred to the blasting chamber. The hook will be keeping synchronous rotation and vibration movement,while ensure the unit get consistent processed by multiple blasting wheel projection.driven TAD hook type rail shot blasting machine belongs to general device, has the characteristics of compact structure,small space required.


1. It can finish so many functions like feeding, fast runnig, workpiece rotating during blasting,  discharging, dust collector etc. 
2. Adopts the popular form of no pit, saving the foundation pit construction cost
3. Using hook rotary running way, can significantly improve the cleaning effect
4. Blasting Chambers and the arrangement of blasting wheel have been confirmed after the computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation of projectile. Every blasting wheel and blasting chamber reach into a certain Angle, the projectile steel grit flow forming a dense uniform crossover network coverage area, the projectile steel grits follow on the surface of the workpiece from all different angles. 
5. Introducing Switzerland + GF + DISA company technology, adopts high shot blasting speed of cantilever centrifugal blast wheel, can significantly improve the quality of cleaning efficiency. 
6. Novel design, compact structure, make maintenance convenient. 


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