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  • Dust Collector

    TED filter based on the summary of domestic and foreign similar products to develop a new type dust collector. Filter is mainly used for collecting the suspended dust and particles .It can ensure efficient continuous for dust collection on the line of production,whether it is used for air pollution control, or as a part of production. It has advantage of stable operation, dealing with air volume, long service life,low maintenance cost and convenient maintenance. The dust emission concentration is between 20-80 mg/m3.
    • Cartridge Type Dust-collector
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      Cartridge Type Dust-collector

      Cartridge type dust-collector is mainly used for the collection of suspended dust and particulates, both for air pollution control and, as part of the production process, to ensure efficient and continuous on-line dust collection. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, large air...
    • FD Serise Bag Dust-collector
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      FD Serise Bag Dust-collector

      FD serise Dust-collector is a new type of bag filter, the filter designed to surface filtration, filter media level of the structure; this construction method makes a large filter space only a small height, the surface filter another benefit It is a variety of cleaning functions, according to...
    Founded in 2007, Ted Machinery is one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of dust collector products. All dust collector products come in high precision, stable performance, long durability and low price. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China and check the quotation with us.