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Resin-bonded Line

  • Resin-bonded Sand Molding Machine
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    Resin-bonded Sand Molding Machine

    Resin-bonded sandmolding machine with high-speed blade mixing cage sand mixer of the new technology, so that the sand evenly and more efficient,Send sand arm with a closed screw conveyor to reduce the environmental pollution, the size of the arm are used to reduce the mobility of the...
  • Vibrating Conveyor
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    Vibrating Conveyor

    Vibrating conveyor for the welding parts structure, the body material used in all high-quality steel plate, the X-ray inspection, welding without defects, strong, resistant to vibration, no welding cracks and scattered phenomenon, sand machine bed and the upper sand frame welding After forming...
  • Magnetic Pulley Separator
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    Magnetic Pulley Separator

    This series of permanent magnetic strong,Separation effect is good, small size, weight light, low energy consumption
  • Crusher Machine
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    Crusher Machine

    Bruising mill mainly used for hard sand and old sand screening, stripping, in addition to dust and other auxiliary functions, the principle is:in the process of vibration between the sand and sand and the machine between the inner wall rubbing each other to reach the lumps of the individual.
  • Resin-bonded Sand Vortex Regeneratorvortex Regenerator
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    Resin-bonded Sand Vortex Regeneratorvortex Regenerator

    Vortex regenerator for the casting workshop from the hard sand of the sand off the film regeneration, according to the seek different choice Single or multi-level use, characterized by: sand broken less, stripping rate is high, good regeneration and other characteristics, regeneration principle:...
  • Resin-bonded Sand Roll Type Regenerator
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    Resin-bonded Sand Roll Type Regenerator

    Roll type regenerator use of blower way to make sand boiling, sand in the high-speed rotation of the friction discs between each other friction, to achieve the purpose of stripping dust.
  • Resin-Sand Temperature Adjuster
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    Resin-Sand Temperature Adjuster

    Sand-temperature adjuster using the wrong form of cooling tube, sand twists and turns, slowly down, full heat exchange, but also on the radiator wear, extend the service life. The use of countercurrent heat exchange form, the direction of the water into the next out, and the opposite direction...
  • Resin-bonded Sand Automatic Moulding Machine
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    Resin-bonded Sand Automatic Moulding Machine

    Automatic moulding machine used to complete the sand or sand core flip from the mold, the structure of the "O" -type hydraulic four guide column, double cylinder from the film, rigid and reliable film stable and reliable, hydraulic drive, PLC control, vibration assisted film, Tune,...
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