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Clay Sand Line

  • Rotor Type Sand Mill
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    Rotor Type Sand Mill

    Rotor type sand mill is suitable for casting in batch type fire resisting material,ceramics,glass and food industry.simple structure and easy maintenance
  • Shale Out Cooling Roller
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    Shale Out Cooling Roller

    The role of shale out cooling roller: • Rotating sand castings and old sand cooling, • Sand groups are broken and mixed, • Pre-cleaning of castings Advantages of shale out cooling roller • Pre-humidification function • The casting time is 20-30 minutes • Sanding effect is good, the old sand evenly
  • Fine Hexangular Sifting Machine
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    Fine Hexangular Sifting Machine

    Fine hexangular sifting machine used in the casting workshop of the old sand crushing, screening, and through the wind and dust removal system, reducing the amount of mud in the old sand. This part is widely used in the casting workshop sand workshop sand processing division.
  • Boiling Type Cooler
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    Boiling Type Cooler

    Boiling type cooler fixed cover and vibration of the two parts of the bed, between the two flexible connection and ensure that the seal. The upper side of the cover has a feed port, the other side of the top with an exhaust outlet, connected with the dust removal system; the middle of the top...
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