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  • Manipulator Shot Blasting Machine

    The manipulator type shot blasting machine is a efficient machine developed according to market demand.Manipulator type shot blasting machine consists of double work position.
    Product Details:

    The manipulator type shot blasting machine is a efficient machine developed according to market demand.Manipulator type shot blasting machine consists of double work position.Two independent systems to ensure that the workpieces are been shot blasting at the same time,another approves loading and unloading of the workpiece so as to achieve continuous, high-speed production.

    Robot shot blasting equipment,PLC system control unit to monitor the many aspects of the entire production process to ensure that meet specific production requirements and process specifications.Synchronous feedback monitoring data,to ensure that every movement of the machine are accurate,smooth, and can achieve efficient repeatedly production.A friendly touch screen interface,the control functions at the same time,changes in procedures,system monitoring and error diagnosis and reporting.


    Gearbox,cylinder block,cylinder head,crankshaft and intake manifold ex.and cast iron and aluminum parts series' shot blasting,descaling and shot strength.

    Six kinds of basic models and the flexibility provided by the modular design to meet the output, and covers the various requirements of material handling layout.Robot shot blasting machine can be used in conjunction with sandblasting room, and is suitable for automatic cleanup line.


    Fully automatic operation, including loading and unloading of the workpiece.

    Automatically different shapes and sizes of shot blasting castings, without replacing equipment.

    Improve efficient in the use of pellets thereby minimizing the degree of wear of mechanical parts.

    Programmable robot movement (rotation, swing and stop), targeted to the surface and the interior passageway to clean up.

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