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  • Advantages And Application Scope Of Hook - Type Shot Blasting Machine
    Oct 09, 2017

    The hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening of the medium, small casting and forging parts of chemical, motor, casting, construction and machine tools.It is especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot blasting of various types, small batch casting, and steel structure parts to remove a small amount of sand core, clay sand and oxide coating on the surface of the workpiece.Suitable for the thin and thin wall parts of the collision.We use the shot blasting technique to achieve the purpose of removing rust and strengthening, which is still the most economical and reliable method in the world.

    Advantages of hook type shot blasting machine:
    1. The fourth - generation cantilever centrifugal projectile with large projectile volume and high projectile velocity can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency.
    Obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.
    2. Simulate the projectile (including the determination of the shot number, number and space placement position) and the whole drawing of the shot blasting machine
    The use of computer aided design (CAD) to make the selection and arrangement of the projectile is more reasonable.The utilization rate of the projectile is improved
    The dynamic productivity ensures that the cleaning effect reduces the wear and tear on the panel.
    3. The construction cost and time of the foundation of pit pit are saved and the southern application is solved by adopting the popular form of pit structure
    The problem of the granule sand corrosion in the elevator is caused by the water storage in the hole.
    4. Clean the indoor hot zone by rolling Mn13 plate protection, which has greatly increased his use years compared with previous rubber plate protection
    Beautiful appearance, easy to replace, is the most popular cleaning machine room body protection mode today.
    The above mentioned is the application scope of the hook shot blasting machine and his advantages.