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  • Trouble Shooting Of Sandblasting Machine
    May 10, 2017

    A. Sand cylinder does not vent a check pressure gauge pressure; b Check whether the remote control is connected incorrectly; C Check the small gum pa is bad.

    Processing method: A increase the pressure of air compressor; b swap two-color remote control pipe fittings; c Replace the small gum pa.

    Two. Sand cylinder is not out of 1 check pressure gauge pressure; 2 Check whether the connecting air duct is loose, there is no blockage; 3 Check to adjust the screw alignment; 4 Check the large gum pa or copper sleeve and the top core for damage.

    Treatment: 1 Increase the pressure of air compressor; 2 tighten screw joints, remove blocking debris, 3 shun the direction of the control of the sand adjustment handwheel; 4 replace large gum pa or copper sleeve and top core.