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  • How To Maintain The Bearing Chamber Of Hook Shot Blasting Machine?
    Sep 06, 2018

    In normal production and operation, the hook shot blasting machine will be subjected to shock and other combined effects of various forces, which will show the phenomenon of wear in the bearing chamber.Today, I would like to explain the maintenance of the bearing chamber of the hook shot blasting machine.

    To clean the bearing, generally before cleaned to a certain degree, it is best not to roll, to prevent impurities.The cleaner that USES commonly USES according to need sometimes also apply warm sex alkali solution, it is the cleaner that does not contain water diesel or oil perhaps.However, no matter what kind of cleaning agent you use, keeping clean on a regular basis is a daily task.

    Traditional methods can be surfacing welding, thermal spraying, electric brush crossing, etc., but these methods will have some disadvantages.For example, the thermal stress caused by welding at high temperature cannot be completely eliminated, which will damage the raw material and lead to cracking or bending in the parts.However, the brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating, and easy to fall off, and both of the above methods are used to repair the metal, unable to change the "hard to hard" partnership.

    Under the induction effect of each force, the hook shot blasting machine will still form wear again.In view of the above problems, the western countries choose the macromolecular composite repair method to prevent the possibility of wear again.