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  • Work Flow Of The Clay Sand Line
    May 10, 2017

    The production line is an eddy current centrifugal mechanical regeneration device. The old sand by the quantitative device falls on the regenerative disc, in the centrifugal force under the effect of throwing around the wear ring, sand grains and wear-resistant rings between the repeated friction and collision between the sand particles, so that the surface of the adhesive film is removed, the recycled sand from the wear-resisting ring and the regeneration disc falling between the same, and the disc in the same axis of the blower fan upward, the formation of strong airflow to the falling sand boiling, wind, to glue the conjunctiva and dust, to meet the process requirements of recycled sand. The dead clay content is low, the new sand is added, the wet compressive strength of the mixed sand is high and the fluidity permeability is good after the old sand treatment.