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  • How To Pick Out And Buy Shot Blasting Machine Track
    Jul 12, 2017

    Shot blasting machine track is a very professional special rubber belt, a variety of technical indicators is different from the ordinary rubber belt requirements of the plastic rate of up to 60% or more, so the community is not the ordinary rubber factory to master the quality of good and bad ordinary consumers need to learn how to Identification of the pros and cons of the track, the following is the company's shot on the Xin Huanghai rubber track quality of the pros and cons to do some simple analysis:
    One look two touch, see glial
         Shotblast track is composed of three parts, the outermost is covered with glue directly with the workpiece to be cleaned contact, to accept the shot of the steel shot so wear severe, bear a lot of destructive power and impact, cover the life of the glue is almost The life of the track on the rubber is also exposed to the outermost rubber, good or bad quality can see and touch the rubber is flexible, the rubber is made out of the mold, in order to allow the mold cavity out of the mold exhaust Of the pores will be left on the rubber exhaust line, pull the exhaust line by hand feel elastic enough rubber is good. As for the track surface spots are mold with a long time stained with rubber dirt does not affect the quality.